The University of New York Tirana (UNYT) was founded in 2002 as a part of the New York College (NYC) Network of Educational Institutions and was the first private University in Albania. It was established as a joint effort between the Founder and President of the NYC Network, Mr Elias Foutsis, and UNYT’s first Rector, Prof. Dr. Gramoz Pashko.

The NYC Network consists of The University of New York Tirana, New York High School in Tirana (Albania), The New York College Athens, The New York College Thessaloniki (Greece), and the University of New York Prague (Czech Republic).

UNYT received its institutional accreditation by the Albanian Ministry of Education and Sciences on 10.10.2006 (Decision No. 385) and was recently institutionally reaccredited by the Ministry of Education and Sport on 28.10.2015 (Decision No. 405).

Situated in the heart of Tirana, the capital city of Albania, UNYT aspires to establish itself as a dynamic, multicultural and leading center for higher education in the Balkans and beyond. The mission of UNYT is to provide students with the opportunity to obtain university degrees at the Bachelor, Master or PhD level, in a variety of academic and professional specializations, in collaboration with prestigious American and European universities. The diversity of diplomas offered at UNYT includes dual Bachelor degrees conferred in Tirana by the State University of New York-Empire State College (SUNY/ESC), USA and Master Degrees in collaboration with the University of Greenwich, UK.

UNYT is proud to have ten generations of graduates (2006 – 2015), whose employment or graduate studies’ record is currently more than 93%. Many of these graduates now work for prestigious companies in Albania and abroad, while others continue their graduate level studies in top western universities including Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, London School of Economics, etc.

Research projects are fundamental to the character of UNYT, its reputation, and contribution to society. The overall goal is to increase research capacity and intensity by raising the proportion of academic staff conducting research and producing publications and other outputs of the highest quality. UNYT supports interdisciplinary research across all of its departments.


University of New York Tirana’s mission is educating tomorrow’s leaders by the educational opportunities of intellectual, creative and personal development through Albanian and international scholars who bring not only their academic expertise but abroad international and intercultural perspective as well, being the top excellence producer of leaders in Albania, the future contributors of our society.


Offer a comprehensive cycle of General Education courses
Employ a variety of innovative methods in teaching and learning
Address to the individual needs of students as active and creative learners
Closely observe developments in the European Higher Education Area


Today, the University of Tirana is the largest public university in the country. It is the first option for high school graduates. It consists of 6 faculties after leaving in January 2013 the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Medical Sciences (formerly the Faculty of Nursing). At the University of Tirana, around 40,000 students study in the three cycles of full-time and part-time study.

One of the objectives of the University of Tirana was its international recognition. This dream is already a reality with its participation as a partner institution in several cooperation programs of the European Commission such as Tempus, Erasmus Mundus Action 2, IPA specifically: JoinEU-SEE, Basileus, Pacinno, Eureka, Tempus Interface. The mobility projects of JoinEU-SEE and Basileus have benefited all UT structures, students, academic and administrative staff.

An innovation of the University of Tirana has been the establishment of Career Centers in all the faculties of UT. These centers serve as a bridge between students and the labor market, creating the right contacts with potential employers, in order to promote the students of the University of Tirana and look for new employment opportunities.

UT has also signed many cooperation agreements with several universities and European and world institutions. These framework agreements are aimed at academic and student exchange, joint research programs, academic exchanges in publications, journals, organization of various conferences, etc. He is also a member of many foreign networks such as AUF, UNICA, UNIMED, CMU, etc.

The University of Tirana has a great name that each generation will try not only to preserve, but to take it even higher.

We will work in all dimensions so that our students are competitive everywhere.


The University of Medicine, Tirana (UMT), is a historical centre that embraces a 65-year old tradition in the public university formation in the discipline of medical sciences, in the Republic of Albania. It provides high professional expertise in scientific education and preparation of health specialists.

The University of Medicine, Tirana, is the most important academic and research centre of national medical sciences and aims at maintaining this position.
This key and guiding role in education, scientific research and health care will be performed through reformation and modernisation of the institution, whilst transforming it into a academic and scientificresearch and medical institution that:
• inspires and promotes university and cross-university cooperation approaches;
• supports the academic staff and students;
• recognises, supports and promotes excellence;
• understands, follows up and supports the society’s needs;
• provides orientation and models to be followed;
• educates, appreciates, creates and maintains leadership, relying on best traditional and future values;
• cultivates politeness and collegiality within an inclusive community

The University of Medicine, Tirana is a public higher education institution of medical sciences in the Republic of Albania, which:
• prepares and educates health professionals based on three study cycles, in line with the highest professional standards;
• applies and stimulates scientific research;
• inspires and promotes innovation in the medical sciences field;
• educates and inspires the future leaders in the field of medicine.
This University, in cooperation with students, government, health services and civil society, transmits knowledge and prepares health professionals that practice optimal care to patients, with the aim of preventing and treating diseases, as well as advancing scientific research to the benefit of health.


The University of Shkodra, "Luigj Gurakuqi" today, with an uttermost physiognomy, is not only to show its values and to be presented as one of the most important institutions in high public education in Albania but also to show its motivation and engagement in applying its obligations as a high educational institution and to best serve to its students and other interested persons.
The University of Shkodra, "Luigj Gurakuqi" offers wonderful possibilities in attending higher studies at university based on the roots and tradition of an early civilization, on an educational tradition, with a highly professionally qualified national and international staff, with various possible choices in its faculties and branches (6 faculties and 24 branches) and also through its programmes. This University is also known internationally because of much inter-university collaboration with many associates and collaborators all around the world.