Brusov State University is the leading university in Armenia in the field of humanities and linguistic education.

Integrating a strong application, BSU MA, BA and PhD programs prepare students for success.

BSU is a unique blend of the old traditions and innovative ideas. The date of its foundation – 1935, marked a new milestone in the history of higher education system of Armenia, as the University admitted its first students specializing in foreign languages (in German, Russian, and later in French and English).

Since its foundation BSU added a new policy to its traditional teaching education by providing new MA and BA and PhD programs in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication. Its main strengths lie in the field of semiotics, comparative linguistics, linguistics and information sciences, international journalism, international tourism, European Studies, multilingual and multicultural education. It has a strong and constantly growing component of foreign language study, and all the students of the University study at least three foreign languages. The University offers eight foreign languages as majors (Russian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean and Chinese) and about 20 languages as minors.

The world and the premises are changing rapidly and to keep up with the speed of these global changes we focus on “life-long learning” programs as in this way we can extend the degree of employability of our students. Our university is ready to brace up the process of current world changes, and to reap its benefits, we provide our students with versatile short-term and long-term programs in different fields. These programs provide additional opportunities for learners to acquire skills and knowledge to respond to changing labour market needs.

The University provides an exceptional learning environment which encourages the personal and intellectual growth of all its members, faculty members and the students, fulfills their ambitions and intellectual passions, and has proclaimed as its values academic quality both in the field of education and research, openness, transparency and an outward focus on society and the prosperity of the country.