Princess Sumaya University for Technology’s mission is to graduate distinguished and qualified students to serve the market and enrish it in the leading technological fields of ICT, electronics, business, and communications. Our graduates will be capable of competing academically and professionally in the national and international jobs markets, actively participating in building the ICT sectors in Jordan. In accordance with official policy, PSUT focuses on promoting solid research in the leading technological fields, and building a research platform for Jordanian industry.

Founded in 1991, Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) is the only private and non-profit university in Jordan. It is owned by the Royal Scientific Society (RSS), the foremost applied research center in Jordan. Like RSS, PSUT is part of El Hassan Science City located in Amman, Jordan. PSUT»s main mission is to educate students and qualify them to pursue careers in the fields of information and communications technology (ICT), electronics, computer engineering, communication engineering, and business. PSUT offers Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degrees in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Graphics and Animation, Networks And Information Security Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Communications Engineering, Power & Energy Engineering, MIS, Business Administration, E-marketing & Social Media, Accounting, Business Information Technology. Also, Masters of Science (M.Sc) degrees are conferred in Computer Science , Information System Security & Digital Criminology, Electrical Engineering, Data Science,Enterprise System Engineering, as well as Global Master of Business Administration (MBA) in collaboration with Lancaster University in the United Kingdom. PSUT offers also (Phd) degree in Computer Science.

Being part of El Hassan Science City, PSUT strives to create a culture of entrepreneurship among its students. PSUT is licensed and all its programs are accredited by the Jordanian Higher Education Accreditation Commission.

PSUT strives to be the leader in building the ICT and electronics sectors in Jordan and a research platform for Jordanian industry. Simply put, our goal is to have PSUT be "the University of the Future" where highly qualified and talented students are educated and ready to join competitive markets in the 21st century and beyond. We at PSUT promote excellence, scholarship, commitment, innovation and entrepreneurship that drive the private sector.

In less than twenty years, PSUT has become the leading university for the study of information and communication technology, electronics and computer engineering, and a center of educational excellence both in Jordan and the surrounding region. Graduates are in high demand and often receive job offers before they complete their degrees. Moreover, PSUT research activities are focused in the key areas of interest to EL Hassan Science City to help with Jordan’s economic drive.

PSUT encourages creativity and innovation in all areas of life. Versatility, curiosity, an appetite for continual personal growth and enrichment, and the ability to look outside one’s own discipline are the keys to success in the wider world, and, beyond that, to leadership and the possibility of making a unique contribution to the community. Rigorous academic work at PSUT is complemented outside the classroom by an offering of extra-curricular activities.


Established in June 1976 by a Royal Decree, Yarmouk University has developed steadily into one of the largest and most prestigious state-supported educational institutions in Jordan. We currently have 27850 students, 936 faculty members, and 1740 administrative and technical staff spread over 13 faculties that offer 56 bachelor degree programs, 63 master degree programs, and 19 PhD programs in a variety of specializations. We also have 11 centers for research and career development.

The university has carved a unique niche for itself in northern Jordan through the diversity of its programs which aim to strike a fair balance between the humanities on the one hand and science and engineering specializations on the other. We hope to inspire our young students by offering a variety of specializations combined with excellence in teaching, opportunities for community service and extra-curricular activities, and encouragement of innovation. Our aim is not merely to produce degree-holders but rather productive citizens with integrity, vision, reasoning, tolerance, and a sense of purpose.

In recent years, the phenomenon of globalization coupled with an overall economic decline has resulted in an unprecedented scarcity of employment opportunities almost everywhere – Jordan is no exception. At Yarmouk University we aim to combat this challenge by offering courses and training programs for both students and staff through our centers, and by partnering with business, industry, NGO’s and other local or foreign institutions. Several companies have established incubators at the university to offer students training and work experience that prepares them for the wider job market and creates a climate conducive to entrepreneurship and innovation.

Research is also one of Yarmouk University’s top priorities, especially within the context of Jordan’s social, economic, environmental, and developmental needs. Several research projects are currently underway in partnership with local and international institutions. Also, the recent establishment of technology transfer offices in public universities, including ours, has served to encourage the commercialization of research findings and inventions – a development that many researchers find appealing.



TTU seeks to be a leading university with a prestigious international scientific reputation that is able to domesticate and assimilate technical development and employ applied scientific methods to meet the current and future needs of the community.

TTU seeks to prepare a generation that is capable of satisfying the community’s vocational, academic, industrial and cultural needs, and the requirements of sustainable development.


On the seventeenth of January 2005, a Royal Decree was issued to establish Tafila Technical University which currently contributes to the development of higher education in Jordan.

Since then, the university has sought to realize the objectives for which it was established. On top of these objectives are the reinforcement of spiritual and moral values​​, national pride, Arab Islamic identity, and the development of students’ talents, with emphasis on the qualities of leadership and citizenship. The ways to realize these objectives include offering higher education opportunities, disseminating knowledge about the constructive role of the Arab-Islamic civilization in the progress of human civilizations, and meeting the communal need for specialists in the fields of science and technology, and arts. Having a qualified generation would help our country encounter contemporary and future challenges in various fields of life. In addition, the university encourages scientific research, sets findings into practice and uses modern technologies for the overall development of Jordan.



Promotes cooperation between higher education institutions in the EU and partner countries, through encouraging partnerships, mobility and exchanges of students, researchers and academic staff
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