Founded 1997. The National School of Trade and Management and the Faculty of Sciences and Techniques already existed since 1994.

Convinced that studies open the doors of knowledge and knowledge and a better understanding of the world, our University aims to combine high-level training and internationally recognized scientific research and our ambition is to create the Hassan University 1st multidisciplinary of international reputation and major player in the development of our Region and our country.
Supported by dynamic research laboratories and supported by its multiple socio-economic partners, the UH1 gives itself the means of its ambitions which have only one objective: to prepare the success of the students in the challenges of tomorrow.
UH1 aims to enable each of its students to find their way: choosing a course of training and / or professionalization. Multidisciplinary, the Uh1 offers a wide range of disciplines that aim to train students on a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills and keep the training in line with the market.
In a context of national and international competition, the UH1 strong of its assets and proud of its values, decided to take up the challenge and to engage in this revolution which know the Moroccan Universities by enrolling in the spirit and the orientations of the emergency plan, which are aimed at promoting excellence, improving the supply of education, tackling university drop-out, promoting research, accessing new technologies and promoting opening to the international.
Our mission of producing knowledge and transmitting it to future generations requires us to innovate to better understand the challenges and challenges of the 21st century. The multiplication of digital tools, the structuring of scientific research and its endowment of means to promote its influence on a regional, national and international scale, the creation of an information and guidance center and the Observatory of insertion of the laureates.


The University Abdelmalek Essaâdi is recognized today by the quality and diversity of its training offer which allows you to:

– guarantee high level training to facilitate your professional integration;
– give you the means to develop your skills throughout life;
– to apprehend the innovative culture and the humanist values;
– develop multi-skills to enable you to be responsive in your work;
– acquire a specific and sharp know-how;
– open up to the world of knowledge and forge close links with the socio-economic world.
This training offer includes subjects contributing to your general education, as well as specific subjects contributing to the acquisition of more technical and in-depth skills in the field of study.
At the same time, in terms of research, we are developing an interesting and promising research potential. Better structuring has allowed the development of local research oriented more and more on regional or national themes. In fact, many of our teacher-researchers affirm the quality of their publications.

Finally, we take this opportunity to highlight that the Emergency Program is an opportunity for our university to develop its reputation and its influence and we invite all actors: teachers – researchers and administrators to collaborate together to ensure personal success and the best integration of our students into the knowledge society.


The most fundamental concern of the Tetouan Asmir Association is to maintain a positive approach to the problems facing the city of Tetouan despite the fact that the city has known a progressive decline at the social, cultural, economic and environmental levels.

Association that acts to promote scientific, cultural, social, economic and sports activities in the city of Tetuán (Marueccos) and its region.
– Preserve the cultural, architectural and artistic heritage of Tétouan.
– Preserve the old town of the city declared a World Heritage Site.
– Emancipation of women.
– Integration of women in development projects.
– Rehabilitation of young drug addicts and their insertion in the workplace.
– Assistance and economic help to the needy.
– Preserving the environment.


Créée en 1985 au cœur de la ville d’El Jadida dans la région de Doukkala-Abda, l’Université Chouaïb Doukkali a vu le jour avec deux établissements universitaires, la Faculté des Sciences et la Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines. Aujourd’hui, l’Université se compose de cinq établissements universitaires par la création de la Faculté Polydisciplinaire (2004), l’Ecole Nationale de Commerce et de Gestion (2006) et l’Ecole Nationale des Sciences Appliquées (2008).

L’Université regroupe cinq établissements universitaires dont trois sont à accès ouvert et deux sont à accès régulé (accès par voie de concours).


By Dahir n ° 2.75.662 of 11 Chaoual 1395 (October 17, 1975) and in accordance with the Royal directives aiming on the one hand to bring the institutions of higher education closer to researchers and students and, on the other hand, to integrate the ‘university in its own environment and to promote research for development and regional and national welfare, was created the University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah in Fez. Before the creation of the university, there were already institutions in Fes of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and Legal, Economic and Social Sciences of Rabat and a university campus.

The missions of the university are framed by the laws, especially the law 00-01 on the organization of higher education, and the regulations in force.

Among the missions of the university:

Initial and continuing training in different fields and disciplinary fields,
Basic and applied research,
Scientific and cultural animation,
Supervision and influence for the development of the socio-economic environment,
Commitment to the service of society, the economy and the environment
participation in international cooperation, bringing peoples together and developing universal principles.