Founded 1971 through merger with Faculty of Agriculture and Agriculture College in Serdang to form Universiti Pertanian Malaysia. Statutory body under the Ministry of Education. Acquired present status and title 1997.

As a premier institution of learning, widely recognised for leadership in research and innovation, UPM continues to strive for excellence. In order to motivate the entire university community towards achieving excellence, it ensures that all the members, both students and members of staff, share the responsibility of strictly adhering to the demands of the University’s vision, mission and goals.
VISION » To become a university of international repute.
MISSION » To make meaningful contributions towards wealth creation, nation building and universal human advancement through the exploration and dissemination of knowledge.
» Goal 1
Enhancing the Quality and Competitiveness of Graduates
» Goal 2
Creating Value through a Strong and Sustainable RDCE
» Goal 3
Boosting Industry and Community Networking Services
» Goal 4
Strengthening UPM as a Centre of Excellence in Agriculture
» Goal 5
Enhancing the Quality of Governance