Excellence in education and scientific research; and leadership in community engagement.​


To provide quality education and lifelong learning, encourage innovation and scientific research, strengthen community engagement and to prepare qualified and competent people within a motivating environment that are up to date with modern technology.​


The University Establishment:
The custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz, may Allah bless him, issued a royal decree of establishing Najran University on Shawaal 10th,1427A.H. during the inauguration ceremony of the University campus.

"Leadership in teaching, learning, and community service and active contribution to building a society of science and knowledge"

"Offering teaching and learning that address the needs of society and the labor market; effective contribution to sustainable development through conducting applied research and optimal use of modern technologies; and establishing partnerships at the local, regional and global levels"

Strategic objectives
(1) Achieving academic programs that can compete internationally within the framework of Islamic values.
(2) Graduating distinguished students with great efficiency for the future.
(3) Promoting the competencies and efficiency of the teaching staff.
(4) Enhancing and investing in university facilities as well as utilizing new technologies.
(5) Improving learning resources in line with the universal standards.
(6) Providing excellent services and support for students.
(7) Developing the financial and administrative systems according to the total quality standards.
(8) Securing a prosperous professional future for the alumni.
(9) Developing academic research policy to support sustainable development.
(10) Improving Post-graduate programs.
(11) Continuous and effective commitment to community service.
(12) Establishing a framework for national, regional and global cooperation and partnership.