The University of Oran1 is a classical university where all disciplines coexist: the social sciences and humanities, the arts and languages ​​with the exact sciences, the medical sciences, biology, biotechnology and technology in the classical system. Science and Technology, Science of Matter, Mathematics and Computer Science, Science of Nature and Life, Earth and Universe Sciences, Social Sciences, Economics, Law and Literature and Foreign Languages ​​in the New System of LMD training.

The University of Oran1 is a scientific center and thousands of students in various disciplines graduate each year, it contributes to the training of thousands of foreign students from Arab, African and even European countries.
This effort is the result of the dedication of the entire university community; executives, teachers and workers who all work together to meet the challenge of modernity and enable the university to access the rank of the developed world.

The University of Oran1 is making every effort to create a climate conducive to the improvement of the working conditions of all students, teachers and workers.