First University of Algeria, open to the world and driven by a culture of demand, the UHBC contributes to the development of society:

• by training competent people.
• by advancing and sharing knowledge.
• in a dynamic environment of research and creation.

The actions of members of the university community put the student’s success first and reflect the following core institutional values:

• respect for the diversity of people, societies, knowledge and ways of thinking.
• the humanistic and ethical approach.
• the development of critical thinking and thinking.
• individual and collective commitment, and leadership.
• promoting creation, innovation and excellence.

A shared, stimulating and forward-thinking vision mobilizes members of the university community to become one of the best universities. To this end, the UHBC intends to stand out by being:

• a modern university that invests in sustainable development and manages its resources responsibly.
• a comprehensive university, which is recognized as an institution of international reputation for its students and its valuable training programs.
• a state-of-the-art university in research and creation, which stands out nationally for the exceptional quality of its achievements.
• an open university that promotes the exchange, cooperation and participation of its members.
• a university committed to its community that, in keeping with its fundamental mission, its autonomy and its responsibilities, builds fruitful partnerships with all components of society.
• a model university that enables all members of its community to flourish, develop their potential and assert themselves in a dynamic, stimulating, diverse and respectful institutional.